Home Owners Stories

Tina Jones Meyer - Homeowner

Tina and her family decided to stay in their Daytona, FL home when Hurricane Matthew hit. She was amazed at how her OceanView Impact-Resistant windows performed, especially with the sound reducing qualities! "You can't hear anything, you seriously can’t hear anything. It was crazy! My family was here. You would've never known. The wind was gusting and it wasn’t just a little bit of wind, it was 75mph winds.  It sounded like this (silent)." Tina and her family were lucky as they had some tree damage but nothing major.

Mrs. & Mr. Lewers - Palm Coast, Florida

"I feel a lot more secure with these windows. You don’t hear as much and I feel that people can't break in as easy. It makes it a little tougher for them. I do feel a lot safer!” says Carol Lewers from Palm Coast, FL.  Carol's husband, Fred came across Viwinco OceanView Windows when he worked on the NGHTV’s “First to the Future Home” Series with Ty Pennington. As a contractor, he was impressed with the windows and decided to install them in his own home.

On October 2016,  Hurricane Matthew caused a great deal of devastation along the Caribbean.  Starting out as a tropical storm Matthew rapidly intensified in to a Category 5 Hurricane.  The southeastern United States was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew as it moved very close to the coasts of Florida packing gusts of up to 100 miles per hour along the east coast. Carol & Fred stayed at a nearby shelter during the storm. Upon their return, they were relieved to find out that there was no interior damage. 

Ty Pennington on NGHTV's The "First to the Future Home" Series

"Here on the Florida coast we deal with high winds, which means we need more than just beautiful windows. We need impact-resistant windows." Protecting the window openings goes beyond severe weather, however, to provide efficiency and safety. "The windows are much more of an important aspect of a home than even I realized getting into this project," Pennington admits. "We all love windows because they let light in, but you really should get how important the insulation on a window is and also the protection against Mother Nature as well as security."

-Ty Pennington on "Storm & Security Protection Magazine"

Vol.VI, No.2

"We can see and feel the difference already"

We are very happy with the windows we purchased. Right from the start the customer service has been great. The sales representative visited our home upon initial contact, met with our contractor for proper sizing and personal needs, followed up with service regarding a small tear in a screen. All eighteen windows look great, we can see and feel the difference already.

- Gregory Menoche

"Beautiful. What a difference."

The winter of 2013-2014 was tough to endure across the eastern U.S.—and Pennsylvania bore its share of the burden. On “one of the coldest days of the year,” says Kay Turner of Elverson, PA, sixteen of Viwinco's Cambridge double-hung replacement windows were installed in the Turners’s home. “As soon as they were in, you could feel the difference,” says Kay. Before, she had felt drafts blowing through the curtains and contended with dirt on the windowsill. The features the Turners enjoy the most? The windows—many of them factory-mulled triples—are airtight. No small matter, considering that next winter is expected to bring even greater snowfall and more extreme temperatures to our region.

A Closed School, Transformed

Fixed and awning window combinations create an inviting, expansive atmosphere at the former St. Lucy’s Catholic School in northwest Philadelphia’s Manayunk neighborhood. The school has recently been repurposed for rental apartments, “Picture windows provide unobstructed light, while the awnings help prevent rain from getting in if the windows are left open,” says developer Andy Mulson. Each unit contains a window wall mull to maximize visible glass size; twins and triples also include a structural mullion, adding strength to the finished design. Brick Mold trim with a bullnose sill enhances the look. In clay.

On the Rise

Francisville, the oldest neighborhood in North Philadelphia, enjoys a unique claim to fame: it was home to William Penn’s personal vineyard. Fast forward three hundred or so years, and Francisville is back on the map as one of the most promising sites in the City for community revitalization.

Developer Anthony Miles, who is building approximately ten residential sites in the neighborhood, chose to install top-performing windows after the initial products he installed started leaking water. He also wanted to establish an aesthetic that would stand out from the other properties in the area. The quality of Viwinco’s products attracted Miles. So did the custom-sizing, and style and color choices (he’s used everything from patio doors to sliders to casements, and more….). The clincher was the fast turnaround time. It made it easy for him to arrange construction with his team and avoid the hassles and delays associated with long lead times.

Viwinco’s bronze laminated windows, juxtaposed against the bamboo siding that covers much of the exterior of the buildings, bring balance and luster. Form and function go hand in hand: the laminate features a triple layer construction for exceptional durability, and unlike paint, it won’t chip, crack, or fade. A great choice for a city neighborhood whose charm and beauty is in the process of being both rediscovered and created anew.

“No one else has windows like this.”

Cranford, New Jersey’s quaintness is achieved in part by its remarkable historic homes. They endow the town with a beauty all its own. When Lynn Suga-Rafanelli decided to restore her newly purchased 1875 Victorian, located downtown on a busy through street, she was determined to preserve its character. Like many owners of historic properties, she knew that choosing windows that integrate well with the original architecture would be crucial to a successful renovation. Since the home has many distinctive, irregular openings, she also needed a window company that specializes in crafting custom sizes. Now, a year after the installation of fourty-four double-hungs, Suga-Rafanelli grows passionate talking about her windows. Asked why she chose Viwinco, she’s quick to reply that “no one else has windows like this.” She loves the rich bronze exterior color with white interior—and she loves the style. She customized them herself to include one single deluxe contoured grid down the center of the top sash. “They’re perfect,” she says. "I get compliments on the windows all the time. People drive by and yell out, ‘your house is beautiful.’”

"Our two new bow windows have a clean style and perform well in any weather"

Our two new bow windows have a clean style and perform well in any weather. Because they’re in front of the house, people walking by notice how nice they look. Our heating bill has gone down, too.

- Susannah Najdek, Broomall, PA

“I’m working on it constantly. [My home] means that much to me.”

The moment you drive up to Sharon Tallon’s 5-1/2 acre property, you know you’ve landed somewhere extraordinary. Rich, deep foliage extends back into a pine tree farm. Stone steps lead to a tucked-away, in-ground swimming pool. Then, of course, there’s the house, which dates back to 1803. Tallon, whose artistic design sense is felt in every inch of her surroundings, has invested herself fully in restoring, maintaining, and designing the interior of her home. “I’m working on it constantly. [My home] means that much to me.”  The 19 Cambridge double-hung windows with which she replaced the originals are part of that ethos. Manufactured in clay, they blend in naturally with the stone façade and the wooded surroundings. A single grid down the center of the top sash enhances the custom craftsmanship.

From Wood to Woodgrains, Seamlessly

When Rich and Cheryl Rose of Rutan, PA decided to replace thirty of the cherry wood windows in their Tudor home, they wanted to preserve the rustic, bold look of their interior—without the high price and high maintenance that wood windows carry. Viwinco’s cherry woodgrain laminates provided the perfect solution.The casements and picture casements in cherry (pictured at left) look so natural that it’s impossible to differentiate them from the genuine wood interior trim. Not only do they match the décor, they also complement it: brushed nickel hardware adds luster all around. What’s more—the draft is gone and energy efficiency is up. The surprise benefit? Sound reduction. "That was a big bonus," says Rich. "It's the first thing we noticed—that we couldn't hear vehicles coming up the driveway." All the better for watching the cedar waxwings and pleated woodpeckers, from the living room windows, in peace.

Builder: Three Rivers Window, Castle Shannon, PA (link is external)

We wanted to keep our 1892 home's original integrity.

Homeowners Wayne and Susan wanted to preserve the history of their beautiful Honey Brook, Pennsylvania, Victorian home. But they were also tired of their old drafty windows that let cold air blow through their home in the winter. "The furnace was running constantly," says Susan. So they installed custom-sized Cambridge vinyl replacement windows with Tilt-n-Lock. "The new windows fit like a glove and because we didn't have to run a space heater anymore, our electric bill went down $100 a month," she says.