Standard Testing

Structural Test | Air Infiltration Test | Water Infiltration Test | Forced Entry Test | Impact Test

Viwinco's Test Wall and Structural Testing

In the following video, Viwinco president David Barnes provides an overview of our certified test wall from Architectural Testing, Inc., and explains how varied tests are conducted.

The structural test is then demonstrated. This measures a window's ability to resist the intense pressure caused by wind velocity. To simulate real-life conditions, the window is tested with both positive and negative pressure. As a built-in engineering safety margin, the test pressure used is 1.5 times its targeted design pressure (the wind load that the window is constructed to withstand). In order to pass the test and achieve certification from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), the window must maintain its structural integrity without any breakage throughout the duration of the test.

Air Infiltration

The air infiltration test measures the amount of air leakage through a window. Although every residence experiences some level of air infiltration as a result of air pressure differences between the inside and outside of the home, keeping it at a minimum is essential for attaining energy efficiency. Structurally strong, tight windows ensure lower heating bills, fewer drafts, and lessen the likelihood of moisture becoming trapped in cavities and leading to mold and rot. To pass the test and achieve AAMA certification, the window must meet the requirements described in the following video.

Water Infiltration

The more effectively a window resists water penetration, the more secure the home is from water leaking through the windows and causing interior damage. This AAMA test simulates severe real life weather events, or wind-driven rain. The window is sprayed with 8” of water per hour, which exceeds Category 5 hurricane conditions. In order to pass the test and achieve AAMA certification, water may collect in the sill but not percolate over it. The test is run for four 5-minute cycles.

Forced Entry

The Forced Entry Resistance Test measures a window’s ability to prevent break-ins by the burglar who is reluctant to make noise by smashing the glass. In the following video, forced entry is simulated using special equipment in our testing facility.

Impact Testing

To achieve impact-resistant certification, impact-resistant windows are subjected to the structural, air infiltration, water, and forced entry tests described above--as well as to the ASTM's, or American Society for Testing and Materials's, very stringent ASTM E1996, “Standard Specification for Performance of Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, Doors and Storm ShuttersImpacted by Windborne Debris in Hurricanes.” This test evaluates the product’s ability to resist the impact of flying debris, and subjects the window to thousands of cycles of severe wind loading after the impact to ensure it will hold up to both positive and negative pressures.

Our dedication to developing and maintaining expertise in the science of windows not only distinguishes us from the competition: it also informs our production methods.Our engagement with testing is reflected in our commitment to controlling the source--and thus the quality--of every single window that leaves our 140,000-square-foot manufacturing facility.

Viwinco Windows Clean Room-Laminated Glass Production

We are proud to laminate and temper our own glass in house. We're also proud of the many components we engineer, including geometric windows with matching trim, window screens, and installation accessories...all closely inspected before they leave our doors. These capabilities allow us to ensure that our windows arrive at your distributor on time, on spec, and in perfect condition.