Ease where it's desired. Strength where it's needed.

Viwinco Tilt-n-Lock Diagram

Our patented Tilt-n-Lock technology, standard on Cambridge, S-Series and OceanView hung windows, does away with traditional tilt latches in favor of an easy-to-use, one-handed system.

Tilt-n-Lock not only provides an uncluttered view looking outside or in, it also makes cleaning easier. Simply use one hand to tilt in the window while the other hand holds your cleaning supplies. By eliminating tilt latches, we've also rid the window of the crevices that attract dust—making cleaning the sash as easy as one swipe. When you’re done cleaning, simply push the window shut (there are no tilt latches to re-engage).

The strength of Tilt-n-Lock is in the reinforcement system that runs the width of the sash and houses all elements that allow the window to tilt in (tilt latches, reinforcement and cam lock) into a singular unit. This improves the structural and impact performance of the entire window system.

Aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, Tilt-n-Lock is a feature you'll love every time you clean and look out your windows.

To see Tilt-n-Lock in action, visit your local building material distributor or watch our brief video clip.