Patio Doors Installation Instructions

Viwinco Patio Doors

Viwinco Patio Door Install Thumbnail image Patio Doors Installation Instructions
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Patio Doors Knock Down Assembly Instructions
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2018 Viwinco Enhanced Patio Door Options
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  • Always lift patio doors using the handles in the cardboard corners or in such a way as to prevent component damage and for added safety.
  • Do not drag patio doors.
  • Stack no more than five patio doors against each other.
  • Store patio doors in a near vertical position; never lay flat.
  • Remove stretch wrap; store in a cool, shaded area.
  • Uninstalled wrapped patio doors may warp in extreme heat or direct sunlight.
  • The only Viwinco-approved spray foam for installation is Henkel's OSI® WINTeQ system and
    products along with its training and certification program.