Grids and Simulated Divided Lites

Preserve your home's history. Capture traditional charm. Viwinco Cambridge double-hung with Simulated Divided Lites - SDLs

Simulated divided lites or SDLs help your home achieve energy efficiency while retaining a traditional appearance. Our deluxe SDL package provides the most authentic look with SDLs on the inside and outside of the window.

Simulated Divided Lites

Achieve the classic look of authentic divided lites while
enhancing your window’s energy efficiency.

  • Great for historic restorations
  • SDLs permanently adhere to the inside and outside of the glass
  • SDLs are offered in all of our solid extrusions, exterior colors, and interior woodgrains
  • 2" SDL bar also available

Available on OceanView, S-Series, and Cambridge product lines


Grids add definition to your window, dimension to a room, and character to your home. Sealed between the glass for easy cleaning, they are available in two styles—flat internal, deluxe internal. Windows with an interior woodgrain or exterior laminate are available with color-matched deluxe grids, or simulated divided lites.

grid pattern options - and grid options standard/deluxe
Colonial, Prairie, Double Prairie, Diamond (flat internal only),
Queen Anne, Valance, or specialty designs.

Grids are available on all our product lines