Decorative and Colored Glass

Show off your decorative flair.

Windows with decorative glass are perfect accents to the home. Use in transoms, picture windows, geometrics, bays and bows, or door sidelites for traditional charm.

V-Groove Glass Patterns
Cathedral V-Grove pattern


Colonial V-Groove Patter


Florentine V-Groove Pattern


Petal V-Groove Pattern


Double Prairie V-Groove Glass Pattern

 Double Prairie

Diamond V-Groove Glass Pattern

Decorative glass is available in our Viwinco S-Series, Cambridge, and OceanView window products.

  • V-groove etched styles that match your decor with all the practicality of vinyl window construction. 
    • Built as double-pane insulated glass units, the V-groove etched glass pane is on the interior side
    • Operable windows with V-groove glass can be cleaned from inside the home
    • Available in any of our colors (scroll down for color selection) 
  • Add a creative touch to your replacement window or new construction project


Diamond-Wire Glass & Tempered Glass
image of Diamond wire mesh
Diamond Wire
image of tempered glass etched logo
Tempered Glass

Diamond Wire: Wire mesh embedded  within the glass. Available in S-Series and Cambridge products 

Tempered Glass: Safety glass shatters into small cubes if broken, preventing injury.
Four or five times as strong as regular glass, it is available for any of our products 


Colored Glass

Colored glass options - bronze tinted, gray tinted/turlte glass, and obscure

Options for glazing include obscure, gray tint, and bronze tint. 
Gray or bronze reduce solar heat gain; obscure glass increases privacy.
Since our gray glass provides a visible light transmittance of ≤45%, it meets Turtle Glass requirements.

To learn more about our specialty glass offerings,  visit your local building material supplier to see and touch our products.