Flat Casing and Brick Molding

double-hung windows with custom grids in top sash and 3-1/2" flat casing frame

Quick work. Beautiful results.

Significantly reduce window installation and finishing time with our maintenance-free, highly durable PVC trim options for
S-Series and OceanView new construction windows.

Available in an array of colors,* our 3-1/2" flat casing and 2-1/4" brick molding provide classic elegance.
They're fully welded, factory applied, and have an extruded J-channel pocket. Both are offered with either a picture-frame or bull-nosed sill. 

Viwinco lat casing - Picture frame

Flat Casing
Picture Frame

Flat Casing with Bullnose Sill

Flat Casing
with Bullnose Sill

Brickmold Casing with Bullnose Sill

Brickmold Casing
with Bullnose Sill

*Choose an exterior trim color to match or complement the color chosen for your window and/or door unit(s): white, tan, clay, bronze, driftwood, cocoa brown,  and midnight black.

If you have any questions regarding our accessories, please visit your local building material supplier
or call Viwinco customer service at 610-286-8884.