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Double-Hung Diagram

Window Diagram: Double-Hung

  1. 1-1/4" integral, pre-punched nailing fin on new construction
    windows contributes to trouble-free installation
  2. Chambered vinyl profiles add thermal efficiency and structural strength
  3. Beveled exterior for traditional craftsmanship look
  4. Equally sized glass in both sashes for balanced design
  5. Cam lock is standard on our Builders Choice and Edgemont windows. Tilt-n-Lock (inset) is standard on Cambridge, S-Series and OceanView windows. The reinforcement becomes the housing for the hardware that allows you to use the lock to tilt the sash in with just one hand. Tilt latches are not visible.
  6. Sash interlock for added security and thermal efficiency
  7. OceanView, S-Series and Cambridge windows contain 15/16" double-strength insulated glass units; Edgemont and Builders Choice contain 3/4" double-strength insulated glass units. All product lines include our high-performance glass package with low-e, Intercept® ULTRA  stainless-steel low-conductance space, and argon gas fill
  8. 5-degree true sloped sill for traditional appearance
  9. Screen track secures screen to better block insects
  10. Snap-in accessory expands J-channel to 1-1/4" to receive greater range of cladding thicknesses
  11. Integral J-channel on new construction windows saves time on exterior finishing
  12. Fully welded sill dam with a mortised-in, replaceable weatherstripped leg increases strength and performance
  13. Integral designer lift rails make sash operation easy and comfortable
  14. 3/4" stainless-steel constant-force balance standard on OceanView, S-Series, and Cambridge windows; 1/2" stainless-steel constant-force balance standard on Edgemont and Builders Choice!

    Balance SpringBalance Spring: The sash support system for double-hung and single-hung windows that counterbalances the weight of the sash during opening and closing
    Where found:
    Double-hung or single-hung windows

  15. Locking pivot bar secures sash to frame and stabilizes window for shipping

    Pivot barPivot Bars: A bar at either side of the sash or at
    the top or bottom of a window sash that allows
    the sash to pivot or swing open or shut
    Where found: Double-hung or single-hung windows

  16. Dual nite-vents limit sash travel for ventilation and added security
  17. Fully fusion-welded vinyl frame and sash for strength, durability and low maintenance





Common Terms

NAIL FIN: Common to most new construction windows. Used to fasten through to attach the window to the rough framing.

FRAME: The fixed frame of a window which holds the sashes or fixed glass.

HEAD: The horizontal top member of a window frame.

JAMBS: The vertical side members of a window frame.

SILL: The horizontal lower memeber of a window frame.

SASH: The moveable framework in which glass is set and which operates in the overall frame of the window.

STILES: The vertical members in a window sash.

RAILS: The horizontal members of a window sash.

Window and Patio Door Styles


  • Equal Lite SH/DH: One or more vertically operating sashes. On a single-hung, the bottom sash operates.
    On a double-hung, both the bottom and top sash operate
  • Oriel SH/DH: One or more verticially operating sashes, 60/40 split. Bottom sash smaller than top sash
  • Reverse Oriel SH/DH: Two vertically operating sashes, 40/60 split. Top sash smaller than bottom sash
  • Picture: Fixed, inoperable unit 
  • Casement: Hinged at the jamb, the sash swings outward when the handle is turned
  • Casement Picture: An inoperable casement window
  •  Casement and Casement Picture Windows may be mulled or joined together in a mainframe window wall.
    See bottom row for possible configurations
  • Colonial Casement: A casement window design to emulate a hung window when closed
  • Transom: Fixed window that often is mulled or placed separately above a different style
  • Awning: Sash is hinged at the head and swings outward when handle is turned.
  • Hopper: Sash is hinged at the sill and swings outward handle is turned.
  • 2-Lite Slider: Both sashes slide open horizontally
  • 3-Lite Slider: End vents slide open horizontally; center unit is fixed
Patio Door Styles

patio-door styles

  • Patio Doors may be handed on the left or the right, depending on preference. 2-lite, 3-lite, and 4-lite patio doors are available.
    Note: 4-lite patio doors not available in OceanView 
  • Patio Door transoms, ellipticals, half-circles, and other geometric shapes may be mulled to your patio doors or placed above.
  • Patio Door sidelites are inoperable units that may be placed aside your patio door for a wider viewing area.