Warranty Registration Form

Lifetime Limited Window Warranty Registration Certificate

To be completed and signed by both Homeowner and Distributor/Contractor at time of installation.

viwinco warranty label diagram

For an explanation of all above abbreviations, click here for our Product Label Diagram.

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Product Information
The Viwinco job number is the first number on the slender label found on the following locations: Double-Hung or Single-Hung Window On the side of the sash. (Tilt in sash for visibility.) Picture Window or Geometric Window On the interior of the lower glazing bead. (Glazing bead must be popped out for visibility.) Sliders On the side of the sash. (Sash must be removed for visibility.) Casements or Awnings On the top of the cranked-out sash. IMPORTANT: If there were several window styles in one order, all of the windows in that purchase will have the same Viwinco job number.
Property Owner's Information:
The Property Owner named above has purchased Viwinco windows and is entitled to protection under our Lifetime Limited Warranty.
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